Parkview Tower Fire Donations

At 5am the morning of December 16,2016 we were alerted to the fire that began on the 7th floor of our Parkview Tower residency in Munhall, Pa. Richard Miller, 61, died while trying to help his neighbors in the seventh-floor apartment where the fire started, seven residents and three Munhall police officers suffered from smoke inhalation were taken to area hospitals these individuals and their families are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

Damages have been assessed and work has begun. Our residents have been settled into family homes, hotels and other facilities to accommodate as needed. At this point we ask all residents and their family members to give us the time we need to make this building home again, so we are asking for a two week non visitation period beginning today, December 20, 2016. Mail pick up only will available M-F from 1 -3pm.

At present all Parkview staff have been available for residents to visit their rooms and retrieve their personal items as needed. Regarding to a move back in, for some of our residents it maybe as long as March 2017, we will keep residents updated as information becomes available.

We want to thank the Red Cross as well as the Munhall Police and Fire Department and all the fire and police departments that responded. We have set up a donation page for our residents at These funds will go directly to our residents and will be divided by need. Donations can also be made in person or by mail to United Methodist Church Union at P.O. Box 100086
Pittsburgh, PA 15233 or by visiting

contribution code for deductions is SS000300-F

Plans are in the works for a service honoring all of the suffering residents to be held at Homstead Park United Methodist Church, information to come regarding this service.