We’re located in Avalon, just 6 miles northwest of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Besides the proximity to downtown Pittsburgh, Avalon offers convenient local shopping and a variety of dining experiences as well as being minutes away from a number of major shopping malls.


“Everyone is welcome to be involved! I’ve lived at Metowers for 13 years and I’ve been a member of the council for 12 of those years. We are always looking for more residents to become involved in our community life. We organize a variety of holiday events, Friday pot-lucks, numerous activities such as Wii bowling, Bingo, and evening guest lectures on a wide range of subjects.”

-Gladys Westman, Former President, Resident Council

Important Information about Metowers Senior Housing

Building & HUD Information

To be eligible for occupancy, persons must be 62 years of age or older or 18 years of age or older if physically disabled and applying for a designated accessible unit with special design features for the physically disabled. If you are requesting a mobility impaired unit, proper verification is required and you must complete a checklist to determine eligibility for a mobility impaired unit that appears on the Pre-Application.

HUD requires full financial disclosure for all applicants. Applicants must qualify under income limits set forth by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. All income is to be included except that approved for exclusion by HUD. In addition, Methods, Inc. required that Rental, Credit, and Criminal Background History be acceptable.

Types & Availability

One Bedroom / 98 Total Units

Metowers is approved by HUD for Section 8 subsidies. Rent is based on 30% of your adjusted gross income.

Avalon, PA

"The Borough of Avalon, located 6 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, is where 4,705 residents call home (Source: 2010 Census). Just .6 square miles nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Avalon offers many big city amenities. Residents have access to an excellent public transportation system and is conveniently located to State Route 65 and Interstates 79 and 279.

Avalon's close proximity to Pittsburgh allows sports fans to have a variety of teams to follow from college action football and basketball to professional football, hockey and baseball. The cultural district offers endless theater, symphony and concert possibilities throughout the year and will satisfy anyone's entertainment needs. Avalon offers convenient local shopping and a variety of dining experiences as well as being minutes away from a number of major shopping malls.

Northgate School District keeps families involved with Friday night football games and the Homecoming Parade in the fall, various band and chorus concerts and other sports throughout the year and finally bringing the school year to a close with the spring musical. Annual community events keep residents busy with 5K races, church festivals, boys baseball and girls softball organizations, fireworks and "dumpster" days keep the residents involved and proud of living in Avalon Borough."

-Borough of Avalon.org

…With Dignity & Grace

Our world today is full of insecurity. Old assumptions are not holding true as people live longer, workers change careers and cities more often, and technology influences all that we do. Plans for the future do not turn out the way you expect and life’s surprises present challenges to the future. Yet the basic human needs are no different today than they were thousands of years ago: food, shelter, the relationships of family and community. People today are no less deserving of quality housing for a reasonable price and a supportive community.

As a Christian faith-based agency, we believe that God is a source of constancy and hope even in times of change and uncertainty and that God calls us to be a sign of God’s presence and providence in the world. Scripture envisions a world where basic human needs are available to all with dignity and grace and the Bible urges us on to continue that work of justice until all have a place they can call home. Psalm 68 praises God as “Father of orphans and protector of widows” and proclaims that “God in his holy habitation….gives the desolate a home to live in.” It calls us to “care for the orphan and the widow” (James 1:27) and to encourage everyone to know that God is with us, always.

At United Methodist Church Union, we hear that as a call to a view the housing industry as a ministry, not a money-making venture. Older adults and families looking to care for their loved ones should not feel they are alone. We strive to be professional and compassionate in all that we do so that the men and women are treated with respect and connected to the community around them. Our hope for all our residents is that they might live a life of independence, feel part of a community, and know that people (even management groups) today still care.

-Directors, United Methodist Church Union

Programs and the Service Coordinator

Service Coordinator:

Service coordinators largely focus on keeping residents as independent as possible. We function as a advocate for the rights and well being of elderly residents, educate residents and surrounding community on services available to seniors, act as a liaison to make various outreaches when necessary on residents’ behalves as well as acting as a referral agent, connecting residents to a wide range of community services. Service Coordinators understand the value of independence for the seniors we serve; that is one of many reasons that service coordinators meet with seniors and set up a personalized support network. The goal is to ensure that our residents receive services to assist them with remaining independent.

The benefits to having a service coordinator are that data collected found that senior independent living communities have found that older adults are able to remain independent for a longer period of time than communities without service coordination. Service Coordinators empower residents to participate in activities that help residents to manage their lives, fostering a sense of confidence and heightened sense of community among staff and fellow residents. Assessing the needs of each resident, service coordinators provide peace of mind for both residents and families. While medical and financial care is left to licensed professionals, service coordinators develop personalized care plans to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of residents.

Some services offered:

Home Management –linking residents with Meals-on-Wheels, household cleaning services (either Private Pay or Waiver Programs that may cover the cost of housekeeping for residents with lower incomes), grocery shopping services, etc.

Bill Management –Service Coordinators may act as advocates regarding billing errors, assisting residents with understanding medical bills or assisting residents with enrollment in benefit programs, such as prescription discount programs

Healthcare Planning – Service Coordinators may arrange for home health services, home medical equipment and medical appointments

Educational Support – Service Coordinators may schedule regular programs about relevant topics, such as wellness, medication management, insurance, etc.


Bingo, Lunch Groups, Special Guests, Wii Bowling, Grocery and Shopping Trips (weekly), Parties, and more.

Administrative Office Information:

1001 New Brighton Rd
Avalon, PA 15202
Phone: (412) 734 - 4111
Fax: (412) 734 - 4113
Email: umcu.metinc@gmail.com

"I have been a resident at Metowers almost four years. I love my apartment and I feel very comfortable and safe. The most important part of being a resident is the tremendous job that is being handled by the office personnel, the maintenance staff and the service coordinator. They are the best and are here for all the residents no matter what situation arises. My family and friends are also happy for me that I live in an environment where they do not have to worry about me."

–R. Pospychala, Resident

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Approved HUD / Equal Opportunity Housing member.